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What is Love?

Love rules over passion Love is not mere desire Love is a fiery emotion Love ignites the soul on fire Love doesn’t always smile Love doesn’t dissolve in tears Love shines in moments of sharing Love strengthens in turmoil and fear Love is not a possession Love is not about power Love cannot be an obsession Love is about the loved not the lover Love does not seek to convert Love offers no guarantee Love unconditionally accepts Love liberates and sets you free Love is not about beauty Love cares not for fortune Love is blind to penury Love to fame s immune Love cares not about race Love is oblivious to gender Love sacrifices for another Love binds two souls together Love does not judge Love does not disdain Love knows the truth that Love brings both joy and pain


Love transcends time Love over distance survives Love endures an eternity Love in eternal hope thrives

Everyone should experience such love!

-Victoria Price


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